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Your personalized dog tags You’re a member of the most ‘forward-thinking’ knife organization on the planet. Shouldn’t you have something that allows you to show your pride?

Your set of custom, USA made, Mil-spec, black oxide dog-tags with signature Mantis RED silencer are waiting for you at Mantis Knives Headquarters in California.

In true Mantis Knives fashion, these tags will identify you as a Mantis Militia Member both in COLOR COMBINATION & in title (the words MANTIS MILITIA will be embossed on your tag as line #1)

The middle three lines are yours to emboss ANYTHING you like. A nick name? Your forum name? your call sign? A special message to a loved one or friend? Get creative… we do.

Tags will come as a set of two identical, black oxide dog-tags, a red silencer and a 30 inch black oxide ball chain. They are custom-fabricated at MANTIS KNIVES headquarters in Placentia, California. There is a 1-day turnaround time for this item, just like nearly all of our other products.

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